03 Jan

After a period of inactivity on the LLW blog, the new year presents a great opportunity for a new look and an expanded web site!

LLW now offers a variety of fine art photography services aimed at fulfilling the photography and reproduction needs of other artists! We provide a broad spectrum of image capturing services, from reproduction of 2D art to product photography of sculptures and jewelry items. We produce fine art Giclee prints on our own state of the art machinery in sizes up to 40″ by 60″.

We can provide panoramic and Gigapixel capture of interior and exterior architecture for both print and electronic presentation at essentially arbitrary file sizes and resolution.

We provide specialized macro product photography using a motorized macro rail and professional focus stacking software.

Finally, we have a full time-lapse capture and post production capability, with robotic motion heads and output up to 6K/ProRes/444 video of full cinematic quality.

We look forward to 2015 and the great opportunities that we see ahead of us!


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