Artist Statement

My work focuses on the exploration of the beauty of the natural landscape. I seek uncommon vistas that I can interpret in my unique vision with a combination of perspective, capture technique and post capture elaboration. I strive to capture hyper-realistic detail to give the viewer a sense of presence in the scene while observing my large format prints. In order to achieve this many of my images consist of multiple captures, stitched and stacked for both depth of field and dynamic range, to ensure a flawless rendition of the detail in the scene.

I use multiple post-production techniques to enhance the feeling of the time and place in which the image was taken and to express the vision that the landscape elicited in me.

All of my work is individually curated, printed, matted and framed by myself in my Lowell, MI studio using state of the art equipment and materials.


I was born in Italy in 1966 and learned the basic of the photographic craft in my teenage years in a homemade dark room. After immigrating to the US to pursue my education and career, I reconnected with the art of photography and quickly embraced the digital wave. I studied landscape photography primarily in the South West of the US with some of the best contemporary masters in order to develop my own personal style.

I practice my craft in my home studio in Lowell, MI, where I continue to explore the creative possibilities enabled by today’s photographic technology, and I enjoy sharing my craft on my blog,

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