Fine Art Prints Provenance

All of our limited edition Museum Prints include a provenance certificate that guarantees the authenticity of the print and allows the collector to trace the ownership record from the original sale.

Each of our Provenance certificates lists the serial number of the print and the date and customer of first sale. It also provides space for additional transfer of ownership records.

Our Provenance certificate also includes a signed and sealed artist statement attesting to the authenticity and facture of the print.

Each Provenance certificate has a unique serial number, different from that of the print, which we retain in our database. At any time an interested party can inquire with us to verify the authenticity of a print by providing us the serial number of the print and of the provenance certificate associated with it. Instructions for doing so are included on the provenance certificate.

We provide this service to our Museum print customers to help ensure the authenticity of the artwork that they are buying and to prevent the circulation of counterfeit copies of our images. We recommend that collectors who acquire one of Museum prints on the secondary market insist on receiving the original provenance certificate to ensure that they are purchasing one of our original prints.

Please use the form below to inquire about the provenance of our Museum prints

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