05 Jul

Processing of the images from the southern Utah workshop is proceeding much more slowly than I would like, but work has been very busy… So while I am figuring out the best workflow for using Raw Developer and HDR Photostudio 2 in the most effective way to develop my ‘Patriot Spirit’ trees images, I decided to post a quick conversion of one of several captures of cactus flowers along Hole in the Rock road. This images was taken handheld with my 24-70/2.8L set at 60 mm, f/4.5, 1/320s.

Cacus Flowers

Pink Beavertail Cactus flowers along Hole in the Rock road

The intense pink of the flowers will present a printing challenge, as it will test the gamut of any inkset. I had to tone down the saturation to avoid gamut clipping in the sRGB web output. The final print will have a more intense color, as well as more saturated stamens, but that will have to be done selectively on dedicated layers.

This was a pleasant and unexpected opportunity on the way to Devil’s Garden, thanks to the active weather. It is very uncommon to have soft light and rain drops on cacti in the middle of a summer day! For a while 12 photographers were scurrying about with their cameras like kids in a toy store just before Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Cactus flowers after the rain”

  1. Carissimo Stefano,
    oggi non ho potuto fare a meno di commentare la foto che hai pubblicato ! E’ stata la prima cosa che ho “aperto” questa mattina e sono rimasata estasiata. Devo confessarti che ho sempre seguito, con estremo interesse quanto pubblicavi prima,durante e dopo il tuo workshop nello Utah….. anche se …. di tutte le parti strettamente tecniche capivo meno della meta’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Un caro saluto e un abbraccio a te e a Withney.

  2. Ciao Ornella!
    Grazie per il tuo messaggio! Ho molte altre foto dallo Utah, poco alla volta le mettero’ su questo blog. I commenti fanno sempre piacere!
    Un abbraccio anche a te, spero che ci vedremo presto! Io e Whitney saremo in Italia per Natale.



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