technique and locations

17 Jul

Today I had a moment to rework an image that I took in November 2008 during the Printing Summit with Alain Briot, Uwe Steinmueller and Tony Sweet. The image is again an HDR rendering of 3 captures, taken handheld at sunset. The image was captured with my EOS 5D and a 16-35/F2.8L @28mm/f5.6. The capture […]

05 Jul

Processing of the images from the southern Utah workshop is proceeding much more slowly than I would like, but work has been very busy… So while I am figuring out the best workflow for using Raw Developer and HDR Photostudio 2 in the most effective way to develop my ‘Patriot Spirit’ trees images, I decided […]

26 Jun

Here is the second image in my Pioneer Spirit tree series. This little solitary pine (compare its size to the blades of grass for a sense of the real proportions) has staked his ground at the base of a large hoodoo formation in Devil’s Garden, Escalante basin, UT.  In this arid and rugged land life […]

19 Jun

Since my first trip to Bryce Canyon I have been fascinated by the pines that grow along the rim. Their tenacity in the face of a hostile environment represents for me a metaphor of the spirit of America’s pioneers, and  for that they have a special place in my heart. I will have a series […]