Welcome to Lassini LightWorks, a fine art photography and photography service business that focuses on finely crafted art and on the technology that enables its creation.

LLW stems from my long lasting avocation of landscape photography, combined with my vocation as an electrical engineer and technologist. With the evolution of digital photography my two passions have been complementing each other more and more, and providing me with an exciting and constantly evolving outlet for my creativity.

In our Galleries you will find a virtual show room for our favorite images, which are available for sale as fine art prints as well as for licensing for a variety of digital and print uses.

In addition to our fine art we provide custom photography services to other artists and we are always interested in consulting opportunities and special projects. Our Services page describes some of our capabilities and offerings.

Our Blog is the place to find our latest news, experiments and projects. We hope you’ll visit it often, and we look forward to your comments!

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