17 Jul

Today I had a moment to rework an image that I took in November 2008 during the Printing Summit with Alain Briot, Uwe Steinmueller and Tony Sweet. The image is again an HDR rendering of 3 captures, taken handheld at sunset. The image was captured with my EOS 5D and a 16-35/F2.8L @28mm/f5.6. The capture shows quite a bit of CA in the branches against the sky, which is exacerbated by the HDR processing… I wish I had my 24-70/F2.8L mounted, which would have had much better control of CA, but it was a moment of opportunity while walking back from Fairy Land on the rim trail of Bryce Canyon, and I did not think about swapping lenses.

The initial rendition of this image was done with Photomatix, but I decided to re-process the original captures with HDR Expose, which I just installed as an upgrade of HDR Photostudio 2.

Hanging On - Bryce Canyon 2008 - Patriot Spirit trees series

I find that HDR Expose, like its predecessor, provides much more control on the HDR artifacts and in general produces more natural looking results on this type of images. This image is a bit of a challenge due to the CA and to the large dynamic range between the sunset lit background and the open shade in the foreground , but overall the new rendition is more to my liking than the one from 2008. The image is straight out of HDR Expose, and can benefit from local editing in Photoshop, but my work and travel schedule leaves me little time to play with my images. I am hoping to install the CS5 upgrade sometime soon and have a weekend or two to take the Patriot Spirit tree series to the next level. Hanging On is the image that initially inspired me to create the Patriot Spirit series, and I am glad to see it evolve into a better balanced image than the one that I originally created at the Printing summit.

I have at least one more image for this series, Keeping Watch, that I hope to post next weekend after I return from a business trip. I am also evaluating a fifth image captured in the Capitol Reef park to round out the series. After I finish optimizing the images of this series I will post a gallery with the final renderings, and will offer fine art prints of them either as individual images or as a set.


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