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Art Contest Entry photography

Maximize the chances of your art contest entry with a professional image! In most art contests and juried shows the only contact that the juror will have with your entry is an electronically submitted photograph. You have a lot invested in the creation of your art, but a poorly lit, out of focus or improperly developed/sized image will never convey the quality of your work!

We will capture your image with professional equipment under cross polarized light to eliminate unwanted glare and reflections (especially critical for oil or mixed media art) in a fully color managed flow. Three dimensional art will be photographed against a neutral infinity background. We will supply you with an image specially sized for the requirements of your contest as well as an 800 px/sRGB image suitable for online promotion of your work.

Two Dimensional Art Reproduction

We start with capturing your image in our high resolution color managed workflow, using the appropriate lightning to ensure even, natural color and texture rendition and maximum control of glare. We then painstakingly color correct and adjust the image for output on our Epson Stylus Pro 9900 printer. We can print on a large variety of fine art archival substrates, including smooth and watercolor papers, photographic baryta papers and heavy weight artist canvas. Once we receive your approval of the BAT proof we will produce top quality giclee’ prints of your work on size up to 40 by 60 inches.

Art Product Photography

We specialize in product photography for small to medium sized (jewelry to desktop sculpture) art. We produce all of the product photography for Whitney Lassini’s glass bead and jewelry art, and our studio setup can accommodate up to 4′ by 4′ by 4′ pieces. We use large light banks and cross polarized lights to capture images free of reflections and disturbing shadows, and our studio is equipped with infinity backgrounds in a variety of neutral tones to ensure that your art will be captured under the best conditions. We can supply files ready for press or electronic reproduction in a variety of resolutions and color spaces to suit your needs.

With our ability to capture macro images beyond 1:1 using a motorized macro rail and a dedicated Canon MP-E 65 lens we also offer unique new ways to explore your art, as in this close-up detail of one of Whitney’s glass beads.

Inner space, from within one of Whitney's beads

Inner space, from deep within one of Whitney’s beads

Multi-row stitched Gigapixel captures

We use a Gigapan Epic Pro robotic capture head in conjunction with our cameras to capture precisely aligned frames that we stitch in post production into very large image files to capture large subjects in extreme detail. We have produced seamless gigapixel class landscape panoramic images as well as interior and exterior architectural photography. We can deliver both printable and electronically viewable image files, complete with the necessary web based applications for navigating the image at various resolutions.

We use this process in our creative work to achieve ultra-wide captures as well as unique perspectives, as in little planet projections.

Ft. McAlister, GA - little planet

Ft. McAlister, GA – little planet

Fine Art Printing

We maintain a fully color managed workflow for our Epson Stylus Pro 9900 large format printer, and provide local artists and photographers with customized fine art printing services. We stock the finest papers and canvases from Breathing Color Including Lyve Canvas, Pura Smooth and Vibrance Rag. We individually profile each paper on our printer using an I1 Photo Pro 2 Spectrophotometer, and will gladly develop custom profiles for specialty papers if required by our customers.

We welcome inquiries for all your large format fine art printing needs.

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