19 Jun

Since my first trip to Bryce Canyon I have been fascinated by the pines that grow along the rim. Their tenacity in the face of a hostile environment represents for me a metaphor of the spirit of America’s pioneers, and  for that they have a special place in my heart. I will have a series of three or four fine art prints based on this theme in the next few weeks, but I wanted to share a quick HDR rendering of a particular tree that caught my attention at sunrise.

Here is ‘Standing Tall’, as a preview of the beauty of Bryce.

Initial HDR rendering of Standing Tall

Standing Tall - on the rim of Bryce Canyon's Sunrise Point

This image was rendered from three raw captures (0, -2, +2) using HDR Photostudio 2.

One thought on “The trees of Bryce”

  1. Molto poetica come immagine. L’albero che per poco rimane ancora ancorato al terreno dinnanzi ad un’immenso baratro è sublime. Poi, come ti dicevo, è veramente molto bella la luce della prima alba che s’intravede

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